50090102 - Wirnik wentylatora SAF / Fan impeller SAF

Ladies and Gentlemen, we kindly ask you to submit an offer.

Terms of Business:
1. Payment deadline - a minimum of 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice and the goods, maximum 60 days
2. Delivery on the terms of DDP Poland

Please submit the offer on the CONNECT Platform, please attach the detailed technical specification of the offer as an attachment (it may not include prices). Offers in Polish and / or English, please provide net prices in the Connect system. The total value of the offer entered in Connect must include all costs.
"If the contractor is a domestic or registered entity for the purposes of VAT in Poland and the settlement is in PLN, the remuneration will be paid in the split payment mechanism"

"In the case the Contractor is a domestic entity or is a registered VAT payer in Poland and the payment is settled in PLN, the remuneration of the Contractor shall be payable in the split payment mechanism."

Your offer will be evaluated in terms of technical and commercial conditions presented.

When placing an order, the approved GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE OF GOODS AND PURCHASE OF GOODS AND PROVISION OF SERVICES OF Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN Spółka Akcyjna shall apply, which are attached to this message and are available at www.orlen.pl.

Guidelines of the Director of the Security Bureau for the organization of material and passenger traffic at PKN ORLEN S.A. are available at: https://connect.orlen.pl/servlet/HomeServlet?MP_module=main&MP_action=publicFilesList
Please read the documents above.

PKN ORLEN S.A. reserves the right to freely choose the entity / entities with whom negotiations will be conducted in relation to part or all of the scope of submitted responses and to conclude a contract with more than one Supplier selected through negotiations, the scope of the contract may include all or part of the scope of the submitted answer on request. PKN ORLEN S.A. reserves the right to cancel, close the Supplier selection process and withdraw from negotiations without giving reasons. There are no claims against the Inviter in this respect. This inquiry is an invitation to negotiate within the meaning of art. 72 of the Civil Code

PKN ORLEN S.A. reserves the right to reject a reference without giving a reason. Confirmation of the agreed terms of the contract may be from PKN ORLEN S.A. or Companies should be made only by persons with appropriate powers of attorney.

During the preparation of the response to this inquiry, the Bidder has the right to submit additional questions regarding this inquiry. Questions must be directed via the Connect Platform - it is important that the content of the questions asked does not contain information that identifies the company that submitted the questions. Based on the questions asked, the team at PKN ORLEN will prepare uniform feedback - the same for all Suppliers

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