50090177Zakup części i zaworów markiMOGASlubINNEJ/Supplyofspare parts and MOGASvalves or other brand

Dear Sirs,

Without any obligation or commitment on our part, we invite you to submit a quotation for a purchase for:

50090177 Supply of spare parts and MOGAS valves or other brand. REMARKS: AXENS licensor's recommendation is required for building dedicated valves. Confirmation of the AXENS licensor that the dedicated valves are built on other H-OIL units and fulfillment the technical and process requirements. Proof of the origin of materials used for production and certificate 3.2. Lifetime performance guarantee. Manufacturer's supervision during commissioning of built-in fittings. The technical offer must contain a list of all parts the ball valve is made of. Partial bidding is possible. Valve's list in excell file, regarding to the ball valves from the inquiry attached to the description of item no. 1 of the RFP inquiry. Recommended delivery date: 30.08.2020.

If you include an attachment the commercial offer should be secured with a password, which should be sent to the Buyer by a separate information on the bookmark Questons and answers on the www.connect.orlen.pl but only after the expiry of the term submission of tenders.

Please, include in your offer the following information:
-time of existence on the market,
-range of action,
-the main customers,
-paid-up capital (for companies).

Your offer will be evaluated in terms of the technical and commercial conditions.
In case of submitting the Purchase Order, PKN ORLEN S.A. General Terms of Purchase of Commodities shall apply.

In the case the Contractor is a domestic entity or is a registered VAT payer in Poland and the payment is settled in PLN, the remuneration of the Contractor shall be payable in the split payment mechanism.

The instructions from PKN ORLEN S.A. Security Office Director for organization of material traffic in PKN ORLEN S.A. are available on the following website: https://connect.orlen.pl/servlet/HomeServlet?MP_module=main&MP_action=publicFilesList

PKN ORLEN S.A. reserves the right to select at its sole discretion the company/companies with whom PKN ORLEN S.A. will conclude the agreement and reserves the right to conclude the agreement with more than one Supplier, selected through negotiations. The scope of the agreement can cover a part or a total scope of the presented quotation.

Moreover PKN ORLEN S.A. reserves the right to cancel this invitation for tenders and withdraw from negotiations without giving any reason. Bidders are not eligible for any claims against the Inviting Party in this connection.

This letter is an invitation for negotiations in the understanding of Art. 72 of the Polish Civil Code., thereby regulations concerning the bids do not apply in the understanding of Art. 66 and the following.

Yours faithfully,
Jacek Stępniewski
Młodszy specjalista | Junior Specialist
Zespół Zakupów Technicznych w Branży Mechanicznej
Obszar Zakupów | Procurement Area
ul. Chemików 7, 09-411 Płock
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