Z/50/01/2020/RT License and Basic Design Package for a methanol production unit (with CR)

23rd of March 2020
Additional information:
Dear Sirs,
We kindly inform you that parametres for natural gas included in BoD ,,Methanol – OPD data” are typicaly.
Maximum content of sulphur in NG in Jedlicze could be 40 mg/m3 and maximum content of H2S could be 7 mg/m3. It is in accordance with Polish Norm for NG, but in fact typicaly parameters are low..

License and Basic Design Package for a methanol production unit (with CR) based on natural gas as feedstock.

To obtain the full Basis of Design (BoD) , Bidders are required to duly sign NDA document by authorized signatories.
The bidder shall send signed NDA docuement via the fold Questions/Answers.
Admissible file formats: pdf. Afterwards it shall be attached to the formal criteria.

In order to receive the password to the document with the scope defined in section BASIS OF DESIGN, Bidders are required to provide e-mail address via the fold Questions/Answers.
A message with the password will be sent to the given e-mail account.

09.03.2020 further information
Companies participating in the development of BDP and suppling licese can taking part in next step (EPC Contractor).

Request for License Fee and BDP Fee is for Methanol Unit understanding as ISBL.

We ask you about data in two options: NPV data – v.1. and NPV data – v.2. regardnig to our experience from Feasibility Study step – some licensors offered us other scope in ISBL.

New plant will be built on ,,brown” field but at this time OPD has got availible only natural gas and raw water, so it looks like ,,green” field.
If you cannot prepare data for two options please prepre it only for one option.

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