50088182 - Level Indicators spare parts (Officine Orobiche)

Without any obligation or commitment on our part, we invite you to submit a quotation for a below specified items.

Delivery date: ASAP

Required terms and conditions:
Payment date - 100% net 60 days after receive of your original invoice and goods (minimum 30 days)
Delivery terms DDP - shipping to the Poland, 09-411 Płock (warehouse)

Please attach Your offer on Platform CONNECT only with detailed technical specifications, please do not include prices.

Your offer will be evaluated in terms of technical and commercial conditions.

In case of submitting the Purchase Order, PKN ORLEN S.A. General Terms of Purchase of Commodities shall apply.

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Moreover PKN ORLEN S.A. reserves the right to cancel this invitation for tenders and withdraw from negotiations without giving any reason. Bidders are not eligible for any claims against the Inviting Party in this connection. This letter is an invitation for negotiations in the understanding of Art. 72 of the Polish Civil Code., thereby regulations concerning the bids do not apply in the understanding of Art. 66 and the following.

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